Angeli's Pushpavathi Nalungu


Prasad, Venkatesh, Shrivas and Karthi helped me in making memories by taking all the pictures of the day. Special thanks to you. 


After the Nalungu, I took some portraits of those who were still chatting... Here they are.

Cell phone Camera Captures:

The cell phone cameras captures catch unforgettable moments that the official photographers cannot. The moments gallery below has pictures that I have got so far.

We would love if you could share any moments that you captured during the event... to see what everybody missed, selfies, smiles, looks...  the "more moments" is for your uploads to share with everyone.

Please upload your

Cant wait to see them. Thanks !


I'm still stitching them together.... should be ready by 4/23.

Untitled photo

Thank you !

🙏 Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and bless Angeli. 

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